1. Bans and account management

  • You always has permission to request reason of the restriction/ban/lock.
  • You can be unrestricted after 30 days of the restriction. Appeal required.
  • Your username should be friendly with everyone (does not include racism, hate speech, etc.)
  • Your avatar should not contain any NSFW content.

1.1. Account Deletion

  • You can delete your data by request (it does not removes your scores, it removes following data from our server: username (will be replaced with DeletedUser_%banchoID%), email, avatar, userpage, HWID). It also hides your profiles from public. But scores still in leaderboards, and can be downloaded.
  • If you create new account after deletion, you will be restricted without permissions to appeal.
  • Restricted accounts can'b deleted to prevent multiaccounting

1.2 Restriction reasons and time to appeal

  • If you has been restricted for cheating or abusing something, your should wait: 30 days to appeal
  • If you has been restricted for abusing rating in L!RM, you should wait: 60 days to appeal. Every restriction doubles time if it was not first time.

2. Gameplay

  • You can't use any external programs that helps with game.
  • Any bugs should be reported, you can report it to me (DM is open on this server)

3. Chat

  • Hatespeech, spam, weird maners is not allowed, you can be restricted for this.
  • If you see someone breaking rules, you can report it (click on author and then use report button to report it)
  • You can't advertise other servers.

4. L!RM AKA Lisek!Ranked Matchmaking

  • Any abusing of rating will be punished.
  • If your rating is not calibrated, it will be calibrated with this formula stats.Accuracy * 100 + Math.Pow(stats.PerformancePoints, 0.8) + Math.Pow(stats.RankedScore, .010)
  • Every match history is recorded, and cannot be deleted.
  • After match every player will get or lose rating in following formula: 60/team.Size